Having a "snow day" stuck at home January 22 2014

With twelve inches of snow on the ground, I'm not going anywhere!  Good thing there are over a dozen rolls of new fabrics sitting in my garage just waiting to be cut for the spring.  I am trying a few new patterns and designs this spring, more geometrics and even some chevron.  Of course, as I tell my customers at my shop in Kitchen Kettle Village, within another month or two it will look like a flower garden exploded inside my shop.  I love the vibrant colors of spring and summer.  The rich, earthy tones of fall and winter will be replaced with bright jewel tones and a few subdued neutrals.  New bag styles will include a few more larger open top totes that I call "shoppers" and also, upon request, a smaller crossbody bag.  As soon as I can get a few of these in production I will post the pictures.

Stay safe and warm everybody!  Spring is around the corner.