*All Product Images are featured in Venezla fabric
*All fabric swatches represent a 14" x 16" rectangle
Measurements (measurements are sideseam to sideseam)
  • 14" High x 25" Long x 11½" Wide
  • 15" drop on straps
  • Zipper closure
  • One 7" x 10" exterior zipper pocket on front of bag
  • Matching shoulder strap included

This is the largest piece of the luggage collection. It is a biggie! You can pack for a very long trip. Of course this is arguable, depending upon how you pack. My friend says she could take a trip around the world with the space in this bag. Others say this would only work for a day or two (they need wardrobe options... lots and lots of options.) It is one large open duffel, no inside pockets, no frills, just lots of space. It easily has room for clothes, shoes, toiletries and anything else you want to cram inside. A separate shoulder strap is included with the bag. You might need it to carry the bag, once you fill it up!

  • Please note that all items are unique. The design placement on the piece of fabric used to make your bag may differ from the listing photo. If you have specific requests regarding design placement (i.e. a specific flower or leaf near the center of the bag) please contact me along with your order. I will attempt to accommodate your request as closely as possible with the fabric remaining in my inventory.

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