1. Who makes your bags? 
            I do…with the help of one other local seamstress, both of us working from our own homes. The two of us are currently able to keep up with demand, although if that should ever change I will seek out other local experienced seamstresses to join us.  If/when that time should come, the ideal situation will be to allow each one to work at her own pace and in her own home, all the while keeping a close watch on quality and workmanship.


  1. What kind of fabric do you use?

            The exterior of every bag is a quality decorator fabric typically used for draperies or upholstery. The interior of every bag is a natural color canvas duck.


  1. Where do you get your fabrics? 

            I deal directly with several major decorator fabric companies. I will usually order smaller quantities of any new fabric to see if people will like it. Usually, when it is popular, I can then order in larger quantities and over several years, allowing for the best continuity of product line.


  1. How do I care for my bag? Can I wash it?

            Because all the fabrics that I use are decorator fabrics, they have been pretreated with a stain protector. Try spot cleaning the bag with cold water and a mild detergent for a small spot of dirt. Otherwise, treat it like a delicate cotton that you don’t want to damage or shrink. You can hand or machine wash your bag in cold water, delicate cycle. If you choose to machine wash your bag, turn it inside out, so that it will be the heavier canvas taking the beating, and not the more delicate decorator fabric. After you wash the bag, reshape the bag and stuff it with plastic bags during the drying process to restore its shape. Do NOT put it in the dryer but instead allow it to air dry.


  1. How do you calculate dimensions? 

            I attempt to give you the closest approximation of the size of every bag. Height is obviously from top to bottom. Length is from side seam to side seam. Width is really the front to back dimension measured at the base of the bag.  Feel free to contact me with any additional questions.


  1. When will I get my bag? 

            Many of the items are in stock and I will ship within the next two or three business days. If I need to make your bag it will add about a week. Although it doesn’t take a week to make a bag, we work in large batches. Yours will be made with the current weekly batch.  


  1. How do you ship? 

            All items are shipped USPS, usually priority, unless otherwise requested.


  1. Do you accept returns or exchanges? 

            I have a very lenient return/exchange policy. If you are not satisfied with your bag for almost ANY reason, you can return or exchange it for a bag of equal value. We try our best to provide you with a quality product but are only human. Sometimes (rarely) mistakes or flaws occur and I will provide you with a new product or refund. However, please DO NOT use your bag every day for years and years and then request a refund/exchange saying you are unhappy with the wear. I can usually tell that you have showed it no mercy and you have gotten more than your fair share from it. In those instances, I reserve the right to refuse a refund.


  1. Do you sell your bags anywhere else? 

            I have a small shop in Kitchen Kettle Village in Intercourse, Pennsylvania. Please stop in and visit the shop if you are in the area!


   10.  Do you have give certificates?

             Yes. Contact me and I will get one to you right away.