New and Improved Website! July 31 2019

I'm so happy to share this new and improved website with you! We've tried to simplify things. Take a look at all the beautiful fabrics! After you've seen the fabrics, have fun shopping.  Select a bag style and then just select the fabric to place your order. Don't forget to include any of the wonderful matching accessories with your bag. A favorite combination is a handbag with a matching coin purse or cosmetic case. Happy shopping!

It's starting to feel like spring! April 17 2017

The temperatures have finally reached a wonderful comfy mid to upper 60's and everything is coming up spring!  I am so excited to share my new spring fabrics with you.  I'm trying to get everything on the shelves as fast as possible to brighten up my shop and give you lots of options.  Stay tuned as more and more of my spring and summer fabrics start showing up on my website.  Enjoy this wonderful weather everybody and hopefully I will see you soon at my shop at Kitchen Kettle Village

Having a "snow day" stuck at home January 22 2014

With twelve inches of snow on the ground, I'm not going anywhere!  Good thing there are over a dozen rolls of new fabrics sitting in my garage just waiting to be cut for the spring.  I am trying a few new patterns and designs this spring, more geometrics and even some chevron.  Of course, as I tell my customers at my shop in Kitchen Kettle Village, within another month or two it will look like a flower garden exploded inside my shop.  I love the vibrant colors of spring and summer.  The rich, earthy tones of fall and winter will be replaced with bright jewel tones and a few subdued neutrals.  New bag styles will include a few more larger open top totes that I call "shoppers" and also, upon request, a smaller crossbody bag.  As soon as I can get a few of these in production I will post the pictures.

Stay safe and warm everybody!  Spring is around the corner.

Fabric shopping for spring fabric...Yeah! December 20 2013

I haven't started counting the days until spring, but it's definitely on my mind.  With Christmas only days away, it is probably getting too late to have anything arrive in time for Christmas unless you live in my neighborhood...but contact me if you want to give it a try!

So now is the time when I start looking ahead to the next season.  For a manufacturing and retail business I am way behind.  Somehow, even after fourteen years, it is hard for me to not live in the present.  I understand that within a few weeks it will be more difficult to purchase a winter coat than a swimsuit at most of the major department stores.  I get it...but it still seems a bit strange to me.

When the last Christmas cookie has been eaten (it won't be long) and the tree is no longer in the house but out back in the woods providing shelter for the critters it will be time to plan a shopping trip to New York.  Not all the fabric I use is purchased in New York, but just enough to have an excuse to spend a day or two looking.  I can view many fabrics online, from many different manufacturers, but it doesn't take the place of seeing and I go in search of them.

Very soon my little retail space will have a much different appearance.  It is now filled with bags in rich, luxurious dark tones, just perfect for fall and winter.  I tell my visitors that in the spring and summer it looks like a flower bed exploded in my shop, it is just so alive with vibrant color.  And I can't wait!  There will be florals, geometrics, stripes and plaids, and maybe I can even find a few solids this year.  It is always difficult to narrow it down to eight to ten fabrics that I think will display nicely together and that I believe will be a hit with you, the one who will carry it by your side every day.  But it sure is fun trying...and so the search begins!  

Merry Christmas everyone!

Still time to order for Christmas! December 13 2013

Do you still have a few people on your Christmas list?  Not QUITE finished shopping?  There is still time to order a bag or luggage piece and have it arrive in time for Christmas.

I have the wonderful opportunity to meet many of my customers in person in my shop at Kitchen Kettle Village.  A common theme is "women can NEVER have too many bags!"  I tend to agree.  If the ladies on your list don't really "need" another handbag, consider a small piece of luggage.  One of my favorite, and most used, gifts over the years was the Overnight Bag and matching cosmetic case that was given to me many years ago before I was personally making them.  I use that bag EVERY time I travel anywhere....and 15 years later it still looks great!

Happy shopping to everybody....and Merry Christmas!

Time to shop! Free shipping offer won't last much longer. November 22 2013

We have tested and retested and I have had several hours-long tutorials on how to navigate the new website and make changes as necessary. much goes on "behind the scenes" of running a website.  At my age, there is a bit of a learning curve with all this "techie" stuff.  However, I feel totally comfortable in saying that we are up and running!!  

We have even had a surprising number of orders....surprising to me....I didn't know what to expect.  So a big "Thank you" to everybody who took the time to browse through the products and do a little shopping.

I wanted to remind everybody that FREE SHIPPING on orders of $100 or more will only last through December 5.  This is a one time offer to encourage early Christmas shopping.   Take advantage of it if you can!


Finally a website! November 13 2013

I am so happy and proud to finally announce the creation of a website.  It feels like it is a long time in the making....and it is, but we are now able to provide you with another option for purchasing the bags we make.  For the past fourteen years, most of Cloverfields merchandise has been sold exclusively from a small shop located at Kitchen Kettle Village, Intercourse, Pennsylvania.   

Even though we expect our business to grow, with the opportunity for more people to purchase online, we will maintain our commitment to making a quality, handmade product that we are proud to sell.

I will still be involved in some aspect of every handbag, tote, luggage or accessory piece that I sell, and will continue to use local seamstresses for assistance in manufacturing.

I hope you enjoy using our product as much as we do making them.  And if you ever get to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, stop in at Cloverfields in Kitchen Kettle Village and say hello.