Audette Noir Garment Bag


  • 45" High x 21" Long x 4" Wide
  • 14" x 21" separate exterior compartment with zipper closure
  • Matching shoulder strap included

The garment bag is long enough to comfortably fit suits, sports coats, blouses, skirts, and most dresses. People ask me how many items will fit into the garment bag. I don't know... Are you packing winter coats or silk blouses? I can tell you that front to back you have about four inches. Side to side is approximately 20"-21". Carry the garment bag from the top, letting everything hang carefully protected inside, or fold it in half and use the shoulder strap that is included. This is a beautiful piece to include with the Weekender and Overnighter to complete your luggage set.

  • Please note that all items are unique. The design placement on the piece of fabric used to make your bag may differ from the listing photo. If you have specific requests regarding design placement (i.e. a specific flower or leaf near the center of the bag) please contact me along with your order. I will attempt to accommodate your request as closely as possible with the fabric remaining in my inventory.
  • Additional questions? See the FAQ.

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